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Tribute to Reese Witherspoon

Memorable & Genius

Some of the most memorable actors are those you grew up watching. Some are also the ones who are more relevant than ever. Reese Witherspoon is effortlessly both. She rose to fame in Election and Legally Blonde and has since, continued to grow and surprise as an artist. From Walk The Line to Rendition and Wild, she becomes more and more powerful each time one of her unique characters stumbles off the script and into her soul. Witherspoon can be absolutely hilarious but never to the point where you can no longer take her seriously.

She has officially conquered the TV world (#BigLittleLies, #TheMorningShow and #LittleFiresEverywhere) and Witherspoon is one of its top rulers. With her clever wit, juicy dialogue and predictable stroke of genius, she's always ready to rise to any challenge. The projects Reese chooses always to pay off. She's like an interior decorator for characters. She understands that power is to influence and she's been a very positive influence for inclusion and equality.

Witherspoon steers these exceptional projects behind the scenes as a producer. The dedication and commitment she puts forth in her work just leave me more excited to see her continue to spread Reese Witherspoon’s wisdom with her courageous spirit.

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