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My name is Max and I am the guy on the left.  On the far right is my twin brother Jake and in the middle is my good friend Jimmy.  Together, we have spent countless hours seeing and discussing films.  


Both my brother have always loved going to the movies.  Growing up, we did not gravitate to the kinds of activities that other kids enjoyed such as participating in sports. What we did love to do is to go to the movies any chance we got.  Movies for us were our window to the world.  We were captivated by characters whom we could get to know by watching a film over and over again.  As I have matured, I now value all aspects of a film from the score to the cinematography, film editing, and of course to the performances.  I value it all! My brother and I have made a pact that we never leave a movie until every credit has rolled, out of respect to everyone involved in the making of a movie.

My dear friend Jimmy is instrumental in making this dream of writing my reviews a reality for the world to see.  Jimmy lives in the LA area and he is connected to many in the movie industry.  He sent some of my reviews to some film directors and actors who have recently produced award-winning films.  Their comments on my reviews have brought me all the encouragement I need to push forward. 

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Jake and Max Covered Bridge Stowe VT (1)

I founded The Film Critic's Ticket - Admit One! with a mission to give others a taste of what goes on in my mind, and I am excited to get started! To talk about "me" means that I need to thank all of those who have encouraged me in this endeavor.  Thank you, Jake, Jimmy, Mom & Dad, and all my friends and family! A very special thank you goes to my very dear friend Larry Korman, President of AKA Hotel Residences.  Larry your support of my site means the world to me! 


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