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Tribute to Keira Knightley

Empowering & Breathtaking

Period dramas are not for everyone. Of course, not every period drama has Keira Knightley in them. She's like the history teacher you never had. Keira makes all subject matters and characters come to life with her enchanting method of unwrapping her characters as though she's unwrapping a present on Christmas morning.

It’s not enough for a film to be successful, it has to mean something. Knightley’s films will mean different things to different people. All her films make for great discussions and that’s a wonderful thing. The vast characters Keira plays will come to feel like people whom you sense are trying to say something you're going to want to remember.

From Pride & Prejudice, Atonement, Anna Karenina, The Duchess, The Aftermath and many more, she successfully strives to keep culture and history alive. The shackles of time break free when Keira enters the room and all internal depth falls to her. She's empowering, breathtaking and one that can always be counted on for divine excellence.

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