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Tribute for Cicely Tyson

Cicely Tyson is one of those artists who makes it necessary for you to blink a few times when watching her in order to ensure you are not dreaming. While her most critically acclaimed work is not in the cinema world, (aside from Sounder, of course) she has made a massive contribution to the film industry leading the way for many successful individuals. I feel she’s one of the strongest actresses in the entire world because she is absolutely unbreakable. She has won three Emmys, a SAG Award, a Tony Award, and received The Presidential Medal of Freedom. It has been long overdue, but now she can officially add a Honorary Oscar.

While Cicely Tyson’s earned accomplishments certainly don’t go unnoticed. It is the adversity that she’s been through that I can’t help but think of when I think of her. From the words that she speaks to the kindness she spreads, I know that she is an enchanting human being and she deserved so much more than what she was given. Very early on, she starred in Sounder and years later owned the stage in The Trip To Bountiful. Having seen both performances, I assure you, the time has not slowed her down. She acts with the same amount of passion she has always been capable of giving to anyone who was smart enough to see who she is.

When I watch Cicely Tyson, I see a gorgeous flower. For years, her petals have been picked by a brutal industry who took no hesitation in typecasting her. While many of her roles were so important, they weren't even close to demonstrating how far she could have gone if the ignorant had just let her shine like the sun that she is.

It was very recently that she received her Honorary Oscar. I bawled my eyes out at her acceptance speech and felt such longing to give her a hug and wish her congratulations in person. I also sobbed intensely when she spoke at Aretha Franklin’s funeral. She has a way of touching people so deeply because she sees them so clearly and she doesn't have to do anything to see them. She just does.

Cicely, only in my wildest dreams you would read this, but if you are, I want you to know something... I am so proud of you! Your career and your spirit have taught me the importance of never giving up and that anything at any point in one’s lifetime is possible. I strongly look forward to seeing your very talented self excel at every platform coming your way. Don’t stop for one single second what you’re doing because the difference you are making in the lives of all kinds of people all over will not be diminished. I have loved you for years and I love you now. You are a ravishing, honest, and a kind individual who inspires me every day and who I am so honored to be writing about. I couldn't send more praise for what you’ve achieved and what you will achieve, even if I tried.

Cicely Tyson, as someone who has such strong affection for many in the film industry, let me assure you: You are completely, absolutely, and inevitably... unforgettable.

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