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Top 5 Female Oscar Speeches

My top 5 favorite Oscar speeches are boxes that contain words of wisdom I often reflect on. They represent the importance of truth and the beauty of gratitude. With the 92nd Academy Awards only days away, I invite you all to briefly step back into the past and inhale the beauty that lives in the atmosphere of these unforgettable moments.

In times of such affliction, art is often put down as pretentious and unimportant. Kidman’s speech will always have a special place in my heart because she knew otherwise and she said so without planning to. Her words just came naturally.

It’s never enough to just win an Oscar. In order to embrace the win, you’d have to have truly earned it. Natalie Portman absolutely earned it. She worked so hard on Black Swan and seeing her hard work pay off was a beauty to cherish. She really saw that she deserved it and her gratitude was so sincere.

Nyong’o’s win will never cease to make me cry. She’s such a beautiful role model generally speaking and her win was such a huge turning point for her. Everyone who looks up to her was able to take joy in seeing someone as kind as her get what they deserve.

Moore’s an actor that can always be counted on to venture into the unknown. The level of her talent brought multiple eyes towards Still Alice. I loved how she used her speech to address what the film stood for and her gratitude towards her family was so emotional, it made my knees weak. Oscar speeches that make you cry are the best kind.

I don’t know any audience who doesn’t love Viola Davis. I don’t want to. The moment she stepped onto that stage, I knew she understood the gravity of what was happening to her. Her speech was the best of the night and to this day, she gets to act in anything, knowing she had that incredible moment.

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