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Top 10 Films of the Decade

It is the start of a new decade and hopefully, a new dawn for cinema. The 2020s will hopefully be like the roaring 20s - A time of thrill and fun. The last decade does not go unacknowledged, as so many unforgettable films came into the world of many audiences. Many people have different criteria for what makes a film the best. For me, it's meaningful stories with amazing performances and complex interesting characters that stay with you long after the credits have rolled.

Below is my list for my top ten films of the decade. Most of them, I've done reviews for. The ones I haven't written reviews for will be posted sometime soon. I encourage everyone to see these films. They represent the best of what the film industry does and I'm sure they'll have major impacts on all of you as they did for me.

Top 10 Films of the 2010s

  1. The Shape of Water

  2. The Favourite

  3. Shame

  4. Elle

  5. Loveless

  6. Grandma

  7. Thoroughbreds

  8. Wildlife

  9. Vox Lux

  10. Welcome to the Rileys

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