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Thoughts on the 92nd Academy Awards

The Most Progressive Oscars Thus Far.

I remember feeling disappointed when I found out The 92nd Academy Awards would not have a host again, not because I wanted one per se but because I found it sad. The Oscars have nearly always had hosts for the longest time and I thought the 91st Academy Awards would be a one time thing. After the dazzling depth from last night, I now realize my initial disappointment was all for nothing.

Last night was the most authentic, the most human, the most loving and the most progressive Oscars thus far for me. Everybody was so kind to one another, the speeches were amazing and everything just seemed to fit like puzzle pieces. I didn't think so before but I’m starting to think that not having hosts gives the presenters and the nominees freedom that I never considered before. Without a host, the presenters and nominees are in charge and running the show! Based on what I saw last night, it is a responsibility they take very graciously.

Another thing I considered is that the Oscars always seem to make the ceremony a big production. The kind of production that's overwhelming and prevents everyone from being able to sit back, exhale and celebrate the majesty of what they've created. In other words, the Oscars make giant productions out of the productions and as proven last night, the films are big enough productions on their own. They don't need anything to lift them up to a higher level. All of the music last night was for celebration, not a necessity.

Diversity in Hollywood should always be addressed multiple times at the Oscars and if last night has taught us anything, it’s looked at what happens when you let international art into the circle of Hollywood cinema. Parasite won Best Picture, Best Director Bong Joon-ho, Best Original Screenplay and Best International Film (I’m so glad the new title for that last category was brought up as I think viewers can understand why it's a great thing). That movie was unlike anything else last year and I’m so proud of the Academy for making the right decision.

In addition, they also made the right decision in awarding Hildur Guonadottir for the best score of the year for Joker as well as Elton John, Roger Deakins, Jacqueline Durran and of course, Joaquin Phoenix and Renee Zellweger. It seems that Zellweger has been absent from cinema for the longest time and I hope her return is permanent because she shouldn't have had to fight to prove her talent for as long as she has had to. The nature of her spirit tells me she could've played Judy Garland no matter what and that spirit deserves to continue rising like a wave towards more roles she can perfect.

As for Phoenix, his speech was the most unforgettable. He's just such a good guy, I can tell. He's been through so much but through it all, he remains humble and honest. He's honest without being offensive and he really makes an effective impact on those he comes across. Taika Waititi seems like a very fun and very kind person and I’m very happy for him that he won Best Adapted Screenplay but I really felt Great Gerwig ought to have won. She seems to have a lot of people standing behind her though and I am confident that one day it will be her turn for an Oscar - for directing.

Al Pacino and Margot Robbie had my votes but I sincerely send the sincerest congratulations to Brad Pitt and Laura Dern. They were so grateful to be there at all and to win for their work was very touching for them and I'm thrilled they have this honor. At the end of the night, I went to sleep with a smile on my face and an acknowledgment that everything went perfectly. Everybody seemed to have enjoyed themselves and really got the big picture of diversity.

We may not all come from the same place or speak the same language or share the same color of skin but we all share the same blood. We are all members of the human race and everyone in that race deserves to be seen and be heard. Salute to the diverse magic that was last night. Salute!!!

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Merba Gioconda

Max, your synopses of the the night was eloquent, insightful, and spot on. For me, the most impactful moment was Joaquins speech. I only wished he had lingered a bit longer to see and feel all the love everyone was giving him. ❤️

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