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Thoughts on the 91st Academy Awards

I was very happy with how the 91st Academy Awards turned out. I wasn't sure if not having a host would create a different atmosphere and I feel it did. An atmosphere of no tension and a beautiful platform to celebrate art on Hollywood's biggest night with no pressure whatsoever. Everyone seemed really comfortable and that was sweet to see. I’m not saying there shouldn't be hosts in the future but the pressure put on them just isn’t fair. They can only do so much and not having that responsibility last night seemed to make everyone feel a lot more at ease.

Even without a host, the humor was very much present. Melissa Mccarthy presented dressed as Olivia Colman’s Queen Anne. She had all those rabbits attached to her costume and she used one as a puppet. I was practically on the floor in tears of laughter. Maya Rudolph, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler opened the ceremony and they are always hilarious, especially when together. As for the wins, I’m actually thrilled with how it all turned out.

The gowns were gorgeous. Regina King, Amy Adams, Charlize Theron, Glenn Close, and Julia Roberts are my five nominees for best dressed and Regina King wins. She wears nothing with a vain attitude and everything with a graceful one. She is a very graceful individual and she carries herself with such poise and passion that is not often seen on the red carpet.

Black Panther’s score and costumes were lovely and it was nice to see them be acknowledged. Roma’s cinematography was a diamond in a sea of glass and I knew it would win. I don’t know how often directors are also cinematographers in their own films but it seems to make their vision grow higher than they could imagine. Alfonso Cuaron won for both Best Director and for cinematography and I’m very pleased for him. He seems like a very nice man and he seems very grateful for his recognition.

Pixar’s Bao was so adorable and I smiled with glee upon seeing it win. I knew Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper would perform "Shallow" beautifully. Their chemistry is so touching and I always love seeing them together. I’m sure they’ll be working together again in something magical. Although, "Shallow" is not a song that was made overnight, I’m sure it took a lot of effort and hard work to get it into the film and the world. I’m very happy Gaga got her golden man.

I also knew Mahershala Ali, Regina King, and Rami Malek would end up winning. They are all such appreciative individuals and their speeches came right from their hearts. Regina especially is just such an inspirational leader and what she received last night was a long time coming but she got it and it’s her’s forever. I think we were all pretty surprised that Glenn Close did not win. I was surprised but only because I thought she would. In my review for The Wife, I said her performance would take her to the Oscar she’s been deserving her entire life. I suppose we can’t be right all the time but in this case, that’s more than ok. I’d be lying if I said I’m not feeling a little sad for her but to be completely honest, I’m so happy Olivia won. Queen Anne is so adorable, and she was portrayed so exceptionally. I’ve probably seen The Favourite 17 times by now and I intend to watch it again and again forever. It’s one of those comfort films and Olivia gives one of those comfort performances. Yes, she’s sad but also so funny and so lovable. Olivia seemed so happy for the surprise recognition and I’m eternally happy for her.

Congratulations to Green Book winning Best Picture. Talk about another comfort film. It’s a feel-good film of friendship and love and I’m very happy for everyone involved. The Academy’s apparent ability to select those deserving is what will keep them running and we officially have another year behind. I will now look to the future but not before giving one more giant congratulations to all the winners. I thank them for their hard work and I look forward to seeing them continue to excel at their delicate craft.

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