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Thoughts On The 2022 Oscars

So many amazing films, actors, producers were celebrated at The Oscars of 2022, as they should be. To have The Oscars in person again was truly such a special treat. Although some of the categories weren't presented live, I’m happy they were still shown throughout the ceremony. However, in my opinion, out of respect to those filmmakers not shown, The Academy should forego the efforts to shorten the ceremony, and show the categories live for 2023. Viewership and patience shouldn’t be a problem as long as the ceremony is funny and clever and meaningful. Even though it may take a couple more years to build the status of The Oscars again... it’s definitely possible.

As far as the actual awards, I’m thrilled the beautiful Coda won Best Picture. Troy Kotsur is just a gem of a soul and I cannot wait to see what he does next. Ariana Debose and Jessica Chastain also gave beautiful performances and lovely speeches. I really felt the love last night in the sense that everyone wanted to be there.

I know that Will Smith’s conduct is all anyone will talk about which is very disappointing. All people want to talk about is Will Smith/Jada and his punching bag (Chris Rock). The night was moving along beautifully, and it’s really unfortunate that Smith’s physical and verbal assault on Chris Rock completely stole all the viewer's and media's attention. Smith completely destroyed last night for everyone including himself and spat on the deserved success of all the beauty being celebrated. I could share additional thoughts I have about the whole incident but you know what, what’s the point? It’s too late now, it already happened and as of today, I feel that I’m never going to stop hearing about it from people and the media. I’m not even mentioning The Oscars to people (to the family in particular) at all. People (especially the media) just can’t help themselves and love negativity and I can’t take it anymore.

The Oscars are supposed to be a place to celebrate the winners, history being made, a luxurious in-person ceremony, and enjoy the chemistry of the hosts. Therefore, I’d like to praise all the positives of the night because the positives make for wonderful conversation. Regina Hall, Wanda Sykes, and Amy Schumer, as usual, were all hilarious and did a wonderful job hosting. Being as Jimmy Kimmel got to host for two years in a row, it’s only fair that Regina, Wanda, and Amy should get to host The Oscars again next year... and actually enjoy hosting without any additional nonsense. Nonetheless, I give my respect and gratitude for all of the powerful films and fine performances that were recognized by the Academy and will get the last word from me. That’s what I will remember!

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