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The Thread Of Modern Cinema

So Proud Of Us All

Everyone knows deep down that the frightening times we are currently living in won't come and go as quickly as we'd like. Modern Cinema is this thread of magic that can help us face the real world as well as entertain and inspire us.

I intend on going to the theater as much as I can but I fear that most in my area will temporarily close soon due to this horrible Coronavirus that's closing down so many other forms of entertainment that draw large crowds. While this is challenging, I do appreciate the call for social distancing. Many people can't go to work and many students can't go to school. I suspect that will only increase going forward in the weeks ahead. This is a very stressful time so I made a personal recommendation list of peaceful, funny and enjoyable films that never get old and perhaps might help calm you down when you need it. The list is at the very bottom but first, I want to remind you all of something I would like you to think about.

As a cinephile and as a human being, YOU matter. I’m ALWAYS happy to give recommendations and share my opinions with you all. Yet, sometimes, you need to count on yourself to determine what you chose to watch, especially in dark times. Watching the cinema is like eating. When you’re young, you have your parents instructing your nutrition. Yet, at some point, you have to become responsible for what goes into your own body. I believe in cinematic nutrition. For a cinephile like you and me, it's a lifestyle.

I think that we're all feeling very raw, right now. We're all very scared, even if we're not saying it out loud. Cinema has always provided a therapeutic light that hints that there is an end of the dark tunnel. I highly look forward to continuing to share that light with you all going forward but I do say, let yourself dictate what form of cinema helps you right now, because everyone is different. There's so much fear out there but I am so humbly proud of all of us. We have the ability to rationally think our way through this crisis. We are smart and we know in our gut what is right and wrong and sometimes it makes good sense to follow your gut, your natural instinct to persevere and do the right thing to protect ourselves and those around us, those we love and the community at large. Staying safe, remaining kind, keeping peace and believing that better days ahead. Please hold onto that. We've gotten this far. We will get through this together and with the help of our beloved cinema.

Movies to make you laugh, to inspire and to just to take a mental break from the news of the hour!

1988: Working Girl

1995: Clueless

1996: The Birdcage

1999: Election

2003: Love Actually

2006: The Devil Wears Prada

2006: The Holiday

2009: Julie & Julia

2011: Bridesmaids

2015: Trainwreck

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Merba Gioconda
Mar 16, 2020’re pure magic. 🙌🏻💓

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