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The Hunt

Annoying, Ridiculous & Stupidly Hilarious

I firmly believe all filmmakers have a right to make any film they want even if it's absolutely terrible. Craig Zobel’s The Hunt is one of these films. I cannot emphasize enough how much of a disservice you would be bringing upon yourself if you took time out of your life to go see it.

In a nutshell, The Hunt is about a group of liberals who hunt conservatives for sport. Who the cast is (How they did with their performances) and who the characters are don't matter for a film like this. If you have to see it well then you will just have to sit and watch until it's over. If you do not get up and leave before it's over because it is just that terrible.

Politically, The Hunt just adds more fuel to the fire our world of anger and divisiveness is burning up in. I am not one of those people that's overly sensitive or easily offended. Despite being a democratic liberal myself, I wasn't offended by The Hunt: I was simply annoyed by it. Annoyed and concerned.

I'm deeply troubled by The Hunt because despite all its nonsense, I actually felt the filmmakers expected me to take parts of it seriously. Some of the dialogue (Very little of it) was actually quite thought-provoking and had The Hunt been a different kind of political film with a different plot, I very well could have cared enough to analyze it.

The filmmakers of The Hunt expect way too much out of their audiences. They want the film to be ridiculous (because it's a violent comedy) which it is, but they also want audiences to take certain scenes seriously (because why else would certain dialogue be necessary for a film that could but doesn't make any sense?).

The Hunt insists on keeping audiences at bay with endless scenes of gun violence, liberals acting stupid and conservatives screaming. I can't say I didn't greatly enjoy some of it for admittingly sick entertainment purposes but The Hunt got lazy way too quickly. Almost immediately, it becomes a film you would be embarrassed to have other people know you saw.

At the end of the day, whether you see it or not is up to you. If you do decide to see it, just do two things: Watch it ONLY for the laughs (Because politically, you will not be educated on the cycle of insanity that is continuously eating up our entire world) and only watch it once it comes to Netflix or whatever home media platform you have. DO NOT watch it in theaters. It's not worth the humiliation. Fortunately, there was only ONE other person in the theater today besides my brother and me. The two of us had been making fun of the anticipated film for months now and today, I know we were justified in doing so.

Watching The Hunt is like watching a sophomoric reality TV show. It's garbage and it's ridiculous but it can also be hilarious and entertaining. If entertainment is all you seek, I have no doubt you'll enjoy laughing and making fun of the trash that is The Hunt (By yourself from your own home months from now).

Watch it, don't watch it. In this terrifying time of March 2020...Who really cares?

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