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Roger Deakins Tribute

With photography, you capture a moment. With cinematography, you capture an entire story. No one knows this the way Roger Deakins does as his work has contributed to some of the greatest stories of all time.

Most directors of photography have camera operators but Roger always operates the camera himself. That’s what makes him him. He is the Meryl Streep of cinematography.

His beautiful eyes captured the majesty of films such as Doubt, Revolutionary Road, The Reader, Skyfall and Prisoners. Whatever the project, if you have Roger Deakins as your director of photography, he’ll give you fireworks.

Roger Deakins touch to films gives them air to breathe long after the film’s taken its final breath. I have a significant regard for him and I couldn't be more proud of him for the level of love and commitment he always bestows so humbly.

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