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Natalie Portman

Keeps The Fire Of Every Role Burning

There are some talents too complex to comprehend and too high to reach. Natalie Portman has such a talent. She's like strong pollen that will always make audiences sneeze. Since she was 11 years old, great roles surfaced and she popped them in her mouth like tiny candies. From Closer to The Other Boleyn Girl to Black Swan, Jackie, and Vox Lux, she keeps the fires of every role burning.

She's like those trees that should never be cut down. Her leaves change color within each new role and embodying the character's mannerisms is her specialty. What it is that makes them, she's able to whip up like frosting. Her characters become visible through her touch and she makes them unforgettable.

She always puts in the time and effort to make her films come to life. She represents this beauty that will send the future of cinema in the right direction. She's a flower that can blossom in any season. The seasons will change but she won't. She'll stand loyally by the side of her characters and continue to elevate them closer to where they can go. When cinema opens up again, she'll jump right back into it and we as her audiences will be waiting and ready for her.

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