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Meryl Streep Tribute

Meryl Streep: The name alone has been a worldwide phenomenon within every pocket the sleeves of art and talent possess. The best actors are the ones that never stop growing. Never stop learning. With each new role, it's as though she's making a miraculous film debut. She gives off a vibe of such effortless energy, you'll catch yourself wondering if she bathes in lightning.

She's also a rare actor because it's not often that films with dark subject matters can be considered entertaining. They can be interesting and mesmerizing but not entertaining. Meryl Streep, however, is such a powerhouse performer that her very presence brings eyes cinematic joy and loyal audiences. I am sincerely appreciative of all that the goddess Streep has contributed to the art of cinema. She's had twenty-one Oscar nominations. Yet, the Queen of perfection remains as humble as a mouse and as talented as a warrior.

The work of her past has already been credited for years and the work of her future, will probably even more so. It is with that level of admiration that you are left overwhelmingly paralyzed with that immortal touch of magic one can only ever get from a Meryl Streep performance. Thank you, Meryl!

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Jul 13, 2019

Meryl Streep's range of characters is so amazing. Kramer vs Kramer, Sophie's Choice, Doubt, Cry in the Night, Mama Mia and on and on. She is never the same, completely immersing herself in each character, always fascinating and never ever boring!


Jul 12, 2019

Patty and I thought Meryl Streep was the greatest actress of all time

Never had a bad movie

Only great movies because of her

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