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Last Night

Utterly Captivating

Is it worse to sleep with someone you're not married to or for your spouse to spend the night in the arms of someone they're still in love with? That's the question Last Night asks our audience. By the beginning of the film, we’re not sure and by the end, there are no clear answers in sight.

Joanna and Michael Reed (Keira Knightley and Sam Worthington) are a married couple who got married after four years together but broke up in the middle. They love each other but the question of whether or not they got married too soon scratches at Joanna like a cat at the door. In the aftermath of a fight, Michael takes a business trip with his coworker Laura (Eva Mendes) whom Joanna accuses him of being attracted to while Joanna’s ex Alex (Guillaume Canet) reconnects with her throughout the night.

What makes all four performances (Knightley’s especially) so powerful is how much they have in common. Lack of openness between two people will only lead them to other people and Last Night is a film about what that can feel like. The film also questions what constitutes infidelity and what makes it easier to confide in people we can't have than those closest to us.

Clint Mansell’s score is utterly captivating and has a very smart rhythm that sort of pokes fun at the fact that every audience will feel differently after. Last Night is one of those films that will mean different things to different people but it is very relevant for many. Last Night will keep you glued to the screen not for the story but for how close it'll hit home. The issues in the Last Night can exist in any kind of relationship. The film is a very interesting story about coasting, coexisting and how sharp the truth has to be so you can cut yourself free.

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