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Kristen Stewart Tribute

Uniquely Original & Stoically Bold

There comes a point in a cinephiles life where the immortal waves of cinematic perfection crash onto the shore more gently. It is then that you are temporarily able to look back at it all without being so in awe to the point you're overwhelmed. It is then that you're able to reflect. Reflect on the films that touched you, the characters that you felt for and the performances that held your breath in its grasp.

If there’s one thing I admire in an actress, it’s authenticity and Kristen Stewart’s authentic walk towards each new role only brings more of them closer to her. She is continuously conquering the boundaries of what her characters are capable of. They follow their night roads and Kristen is their bright moon for when all the stars vanish from sight. She injects the intoxicating depth and delicate majesty of her character’s perspectives and molds them into a language audiences can learn from.

From Welcome To The Rileys to Clouds Of Sils Maria, Anesthesia, Certain Women, Personal Shopper, Lizzie and now Seberg, Kristen’s resume overfills of diversity, independence and commitment. The last film I mentioned, Seberg begins a limited release on December 13th and I strongly advise everyone to go see it. Remember that young girl from Panic Room in 2002 and look at whom she’s blossomed into. What she’s accomplished, who’s she’s been able to become and what she stands for, having confidence in whom you are and using your voice for the truth.

Many actors present themselves a certain way because they give Hollywood fantasies they think they want to see and Kristen doesn’t do that. You watch her interviews and there’s nothing fake. She’s herself all the time. Even if she’s nervous, she doesn’t hide and that’s a very rare and beautiful thing to behold. Somewhere out there, there’s a young person who’s timid, shy, fascinatingly awkward, uniquely original and stoically bold with a voice to use, skies to soar and feet standing right on the verge of something great.

Kristen is a beacon of inspiration for those kinds of people. In a world so different from the one many of us started in, we’re all lucky to have an artist to look up to. Someone we see ourselves in and will stand up for the characters and the audiences, still searching for that sacred spark of conviction we all have inside of us.

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