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Jessica Chastain Tribute

Too Good for Many of Us

There are some actors who immediately dive into their characters without hesitation. There are other actors who examine their characters closely before the camera starts filming. Then there are the rare actors who do both. Jessica Chastain is such an artist.

Chastain could go blind and still see her characters for who they truly are, inside and out. She could go deaf and still hear the importance of what they have to say. One can always predict the beauty of her artistic approach to the people whose essence she inhabits. Sometimes, her methods will make me imagine her holding a hammer to a nail. She's holding the hammer carefully and eyeing the nail. By the time the film ends, the nail has emerged completely into the most ancient of wood, with oak that has the scent of her perfection.

Other times, her characters are like the crystal blue waters in the Maldives. Seeing Jessica act is like seeing her walk gracefully into that water until her head is completely under. From The Tree Of Life to The Help to Zero Dark Thirty to The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby, she always manages to give her characters just as much empowerment as she has. If her characters start out as puppets, Chastain can always be counted on to cut the strings.

Jessicas's also an amazing role model. Since the #metoo movement began and even before, she's been on a mission to influence change. It doesn't even matter what the topic is. She always has something important to say and those who value her listen carefully. We are living in such a frightening time and she is one of the bright stars in the sky who guides us through the darkest of nights.

There are many individuals who make noise but never take action. Chastain is the polar opposite of these people. She can always be trusted completely to do her very best and her very best does not go unnoticed. It's a new decade and a new dawn. Since 2011, she's been of service to the cinema and to what this country ought to stand for. She's too good for many of us. I humbly look forward to seeing what majesty she has to unveil in this new chapter of our world.

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