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James Bond Tribute

Indescribable Perfection

For as long as I can remember, James Bond has been one of the most memorable icons in the spy genre. He symbolizes an indescribable perfection that no one else can reach, yet doesn't seem impossible. Over the years, cinema has found great success with Bond, thanks to actors such as Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan, and of course, Daniel Craig. I know I speak for everyone when I acknowledge how disappointing it was when No Time To Die was delayed along with every other film that was ready to come out due to the COVID virus and closing of movie theaters around the world.

All of the previous Bond films are available on demand. I've already rewatched plenty of them including my personal favorite, Skyfall. As someone who’s never really been a big fan of the action genre, James Bond films have always found a way to pull me in. I strongly recommend rewatching any of your Bond favorites for some cinematic fun in a time where it's harder to have any at all!

Every Bond fan knows this is Daniel Craig’s last Bond film and I was fully ready for his goodbye tour. My top four favorite Bond films are the ones Daniel Craig has done. I see him as unstoppable as a runaway freight train. He is the best Bond to me because he can always make me see Bond as a person and not just a spy. I don't know what it is, he just has this seed of desire for audiences to see someone so iconic in a new light and that light just kept on getting brighter ever since Casino Royale. Of course, it helps that all the films have terrific sound design, golden cinematography, and mesmerizing music.

Daniel Craig’s Bond films have a lot of symbolism that may be unnoticed. To me, his character always represented the four elements: Earth, air, fire, and water. Casino Royale symbolizes earth because it was Craig’s first Bond film, sort of like God looking down at what he created. Quantum Of Solace symbolizes fire as due to events in Casino Royale, Quantum Of Solace is a brutal revenge film. Skyfall symbolizes water because water is needed to keep the earth alive and Skyfall contains lots of revelations involving the characters, symbolizing pouring rain. Spectre symbolizes air because it relates to where Bond is mentally after the first three films. His focus has always kept him on the ground and he's finally being lifted higher as his past resurfaces.

Again, I'm just over the moon for No Time To Die. I have full confidence that it will be a memorable conclusion to a franchise that's unforgettable. When the theater doors swing open again, you just might spot me first in line amongst the crowd.

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