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Emma Stone Tribute

The Funny Older Sister To Us Cinephiles

In just two months from now, it'll have been eleven years since I saw Emma Stone for the first time. I saw Easy A in theaters and walked out thinking, this girl is going places and going places she did. Following her success with Easy A, she's worked alongside Viola Davis, Cicely Tyson, Michael Keaton, Edward Norton, Olivia Colman, Joaquin Phoenix, Julia Garner, and Andrew Garfield. Actors are like family for cinephiles and Emma Stone has served as the funny older sister for so many of us for a really long time.

The relationship Emma has with humor and her love of comedy and making people laugh is literally what made her a household name. In some of our worst times, many of us were able to watch her and giggle at just how relatable she was. “Comedy saved me as a kid”. How many of us no matter what generation we grew up in didn't know exactly what she meant when she said that? My guess is none of us.

She's also done tremendously well in dramatic roles showing that opening yourself to all genres and experiences is what makes a good actor great. Throughout all her success, she's remained humble and free. She's like a little bee. Scripts come to her like nectar and she always strives to make delicious honey for her audiences.

She's all about the element of surprise. If the idea is crazy, it only makes her want to do it more. She makes her career choices based on what she thinks will make audiences feel seen and happy, not what executives say will make them seen and happy. So much of what she says is how we all feel and she always puts so much thought into how she executes her performances. She also shows in interviews that she's a team player and loves working and learning from those around her.

Emma has also made a beautiful home for herself within the walls of SNL, a show she grew up with her whole life and always dreamed of being a part of. She's done SNL so many times, I can't keep track. Laughter really is the best medicine and what makes her so special is that it's not about routine for Emma, it's about making others happy.

Emma Stone knows how to make others smile even if just for a moment and those moments matter more than ever now. I look forward to continuing to see her make her honey and spread her example. We're coming out of a monstrous pandemic. Perhaps there's something else - something horrible we can't imagine that's on its way so let's grab onto what makes us smile and hold onto it for dear life. I know she will. Thank you Emma for always bringing a smile to my face.

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