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Don’t Look Up

A Comedy We Can Swallow

See It Or Skip It: See It

Don’t Look Up, which is nominated for 4 Golden Globes is exactly what we need right now: A comedy that will have you reaching for your water to keep you from choking on your laughter. Don’t Look Up is ridiculous but it's a film where it’s ok to be ridiculous. The plot of a scientist trying to convince everyone the world is ending only to be continuously ignored is a story we’ve seen time and time and time again. It’s an overused cliche but Don’t Look Up is so hilarious, you may not even pay attention to anything other than how it makes you feel.

Leonardo Dicaprio and Jennifer Lawrence star as two astronomers who go on a mass media tour to try and warn the planet about a comet that in 6 months will hit and destroy Earth. Climate change has contributed in some way to this impending demolition but for viewers who possess some ability to make the film a little seriously, I’d say that Don’t Look Up is less about climate change and more about how our culture likes to handle it the news that makes them uncomfortable. If they don’t want to believe, they won’t. They’ll make jokes, laugh it off, and pay more attention to other things that are shallow.

Dicaprio’s Randall Mindy and Lawrence’s Kate Dibiasky know deep down that no one will ever listen but to give up would be robbing viewers of a film where the two of them partake in hilarious encounters with those who just don’t get it. From Pop Star Riley Bina (Ariana Grande) to talk show host Bria Evantee (Cate Blanchett) to the inevitable: The inevitable being that when you have a film about scientists trying to convince everyone the world is ending, the President Of The United States HAS to be played by MERYL STREEP!!!

You can just tell how much fun Meryl had filming her scenes when you watch her. President Janie Orlean and her son Jason who’s also the Chief Of Staff (Jonah Hill) are the types of duo that used to be in the White House and now our current president is stuck cleaning up their messes. In real life, it’s infuriating but for a Netflix film with Meryl Streep, I’ll take it.

Jennifer Lawrence who’s been gone for far too long has more projects on the way, one of which I believe is set to come out later this year and Don’t Look Up is a wonderful welcome back for her as her sense of humor and that millennial voice makes it seem as though she never took a break. Dicaprio effortlessly pulls off the mild-mannered man with glasses who thinks that logic can make all people be reasoned with no matter their beliefs. It really doesn’t take long for viewers to get to know these characters. The whole cast just plays people who either have nothing to hide or no shame.

In theory, I’d talk a little about how Don’t Look Up should make people look at global warming but the honest truth is that if you want a film that reflects climate change, Don’t Look Up is not the film for that. Not because Don’t Look Up deals with something that couldn’t happen because it does but it’s too much of a comedy to be taken seriously. I did take its portrayal of how people like to stay in their privileged bubbles when things get hard seriously. There’s never any hesitation on the part of those with money to stay sheltered and laugh obnoxiously for as long as possible. Randall and Kate having to deal with them are what gives Don’t Look Up the material to make it into something humorous. It is humorous just how much Don’t Look Up reflects privilege. It’s sad but when you see it in a comedy, it's an easier pill to swallow.

People won’t have much to say after Don’t Look Up I predict. They’ll just laugh with their friends about their favorite parts and that’s it. Given that 2022 is just starting, I’ll be flexible with that. It’s not like any of us believe we’ll be on earth forever anyway, hahaha.

My only advice: Don’t turn it off when the credits start. There’s a post-credit scene with Meryl Streep that is so ridiculous but so funny, you’ll be punching yourself in the stomach when water no longer keeps you from laughing. The absurdity makes you appreciate Meryl Streep all the more. That she chose to take on this role with THIS particular scene just goes to show, the best actors are the ones who like to try everything. If only I could say the same for Janie Orlean.

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