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Carey Mulligan Tribute

Bold, Original & Natural

Ever since her acting debut in 2004, Carey Mulligan has gracefully trapped herself in a labyrinth of her own brilliance. The profound interest she takes in dark subject matters and intellectual characters always show in the projects she tackles to the ground and perfects with her natural gift.

You know that feeling when you get an amazing gift from someone that really comes from the heart and you cry and that person feels so good inside? That’s what watching a performance from Carey Mulligan is like. She can always be counted on for rising to the occasion and making it better than anyone could have ever thought possible. It means so much to see people on screen that seem real. Real people that have ambitions, joys, flaws, fits of anger, traumas, and desires.

It doesn’t matter if its a leading role or a supporting one. Every character that’s privileged enough to land in her palms can rest assure that their voices will be heard. From An Education to Shame to Inside Liewyn Davis and Wildlife, the very essence of her characters swim in clear oceans where nothing disrupts the quality of their time on screen.

It is Mulligan’s intellect that draws her to the performances that keep her in place as one of the best actors of our time. With 16 amazing films under her belt, Mulligan only has more juicy roles coming her way and what she does with them will only make her more cinematically powerful. She is bold, original and simple, one too outstanding to be ignored.

A terrier on the script: Carey Mulligan JAY L CLENDENIN/CONTOUR BY GETTY IMAGES

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