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“Bridesmaids” is literally a funhouse of laughter. It's such an easy choice for any “comedy night” selection, and audiences will most likely debate which scene is the funniest.

Given that even I had a hard time picking one, I've randomly selected part of the “airplane” scene. ANNIE (Kristen Wiig) and LILLIAN (Maya Rudolph) have been best friends their entire lives. So when LILLIAN gets engaged, who else would be her Maid of Honor, but ANNIE? It soon becomes clear that this may not be a good idea. ANNIE is jealous of LILLIAN’S new, filthy-rich and manipulative friend, HELEN (Rose Byrne). ANNIE’S also angry at the disgusting garbage dump that is her own life. This recipe for disaster ensures that she literally becomes the worst Maid of Honor… ever. ANNIE’S spoiled brat antics come to a head during a flight to Vegas to attend LILLIAN’S doomed bachelorette party. The entire wedding party is riding First Class thanks to HELEN’S showy generosity. ANNIE is too poor to pay for a First Class ticket and she turns down HELEN’S offer to pay for her… out of pride.

ANNIE is generally a nervous flyer and not long after the plane takes off, she foolishly mixes alcohol with pills that HELEN gave her, to help her relax. ANNIE’S personality transforms into that of a sloppy drunk. Already feeling excluded from the bridal party, she droopily makes her way up to the First Class section. She tries to stand tall and proper while stumbling to the First Class seats. Once there, she butts heads with the section flight attendant and delivers a fiercely comedic retort. She is asked several times to return to what she sees as her uncomfortable, poor-little-peasant-economy-section seat. ANNIE continues to push herself forward to the luxury of First Class, wearing sunglasses and pretending to be a stranger's wife.

She compares the airline’s policy to that of Nazi Germany. Continuously, she bobs and bends, and says in a baby voice into the ears of all around her: “Help me, I’m poor.” I’m howling like a hyena as I write this review because I remember the scene so clearly. Nobody enjoys having to deal with a drunk, but I think it’s safe to say that sometimes it can be pretty fun to watch. As long as you're not responsible for the drunk in question, and there's no danger involved. The scene ends with promises of more drunken behavior on ANNIE’S part.

LILLIAN is left to try to convince herself that this is a story they’ll be laughing about years later, although she knows this will never materialize. The entire film is a constantly hilarious joy ride, from beginning to end. I encourage you to get on board, and laugh until your stomach hurts!

Borrow, buy, rent, or stream “Bridesmaids” however, whenever, wherever you can.

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