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Birds of Prey

Never Boring and Always Hilarious.

While Birds Of Prey isn't the kind of film I usually choose to see, I can see why most audiences will enjoy it. There's nonstop action, many humorous moments and best of all - complete freedom to not have to think too hard.

Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) has many things on her mind, logic is not one of them, which should come as no surprise to those who saw Suicide Squad. Following Suicide Squad, Harley and the Joker (Not Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker. Good god, can you imagine those two in the same room?) have broken up, leaving Harley unprotected and on the run. Harley soon teams up with three other women and the action only continues from there.

Anyone who has seen Suicide Squad knows that Margot Robbie completely stole that show. The level of energy she brought to the screen gave her the entire spotlight. I’m surprised her own movie took over three years to come out. Harley Quinn really is like a child because as the master of her own story, she doesn't really seem to care about depth. She cares about fun, lots of it and she'll make sure her audiences are bound to have a good time. She's a crossover between an overly preppy tour guide and the Mad Hatter.

As for her lack of depth, it's not even that she doesn't have any, it's that she doesn't have a script that lets her use it. Such is the reality for most mainstream films with female leads. Birds Of Prey really doesn't give Harley much of a plot. The film still showers her with attention or maybe it's just that Margot Robbie has too much zest inside her that audiences can't focus on anything else. I’m leaning towards zest.

The action sequences and visual effects are constant but they happen way too fast for me to analyze them. The cinematography is Harley’s dressing room mirror (which makes sense because her makeup is astonishing). The atmosphere of her surroundings are so colorful, you'll feel as though you're waking up in a hospital surgical room with bright lights being shined in your face.

Birds Of Prey goes by too quickly. The film is all about enjoying life while we still can and has no negativity or at least negativity that can be taken seriously. Harley Quinn is a sociopath. She's loud, irresponsible, immature and destructive but never boring and always hilarious. The world can blow up in flames all around her, she'll still be looking to order pizza in the midst of all the chaos. Nothing fazes her. She's like the silly partying best friend you have in college who says yes to everything and you have to be her babysitter. I don't plan on seeing the film again but if I do, it's because this world’s become too much for me to handle and I’ll just need a break for a little bit.

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