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Another Round

A Classically Warm Comedy And A Carefully Crafted Cautionary Tale

See It Or Skip It: See It

Thomas Vinterbeg’s Another Round is totally the kind of movie that had it been an American film, it would have been stupid, immature, we've seen it all before comedy probably starring Adam Sandler or Vince Vaughn. I don't know how to explain it or know why but Europe just has a more classical mature way of doing things. They can make any plot work when directed by one of their own.

Set in Copenhagen, four male teachers struggle with students who are unmotivated and have reached a point in their lives where daily ordinary existence is boring and unfulfilling. At a dinner gathering, they discuss a psychiatrist’s theory that maintaining a blood alcohol content of 0.05 makes you more inventive and at ease. They agree to test the theory with the rules that their blood alcohol shouldn't be below 0.05 and they won't drink past 8:00 pm. All four soon start thriving in their personal and professional lives and it's all portrayed with unique humor and humbleness that an American director has yet to identify in their own work.

Mads Mikkelsen is known for his Danish indies (I particularly found his performance in Thomas Vinterberg’s The Hunt deserving of an Oscar nomination) shines as Martin, whom I suppose is the ringleader of the four. He has one of those interesting faces that tell stories without words. Thanks to him, Another Round starts off fun in an intimidating way but soon becomes more of a drama as the foursome’s new way of life starts to become dangerous. Three of the men are able to abandon the experiment leaving one left to descend into alcoholism.

Another Round is not really a film about addiction but it does do a remarkably good job at showing that addiction can happen in any circumstance. I think as audiences, we’re all used to seeing characters who suffer from addiction portrayed as damaged people who have had very terrible lives. This is true for so many people and it's important to portray that but we have to remember that nobody wakes up and says, “I'm gonna become an addict”. Addiction comes in many forms and Another Round is about people who fall into it without intention. Another Round is a classically warm comedy but also a carefully crafted modern cautionary tale. It's a highly focused indie that I’d say is very much worth your time.

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