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Agnes Varda Tribute

When I think of Agnes Varda, I think of one word: Love. Love of what you do, love for others and love for the world around. Agnes Varda was truly one of a kind. She’s written and directed many French films and documentaries.

I first heard of her when I watched her most critically acclaimed film, Cleo from 5 to 7. I was so in awe of how abruptly life can change, how people can change and how sometimes, this happens relatively quickly. The film had such passion and such truth weaved into it and it was all because of Varda’s wise vision. She’s an enchanting example to every artist because art is for everyone and she made her work for everyone.

She loves sharing her passion with the world and that’s so important. Art is powerful enough to make differences. Varda’s made a difference in the life of everyone she and her work’s touched. She can calm any storm with a gentle stroke of talent and sigh of triumph. She is entirely responsible for my personal love of documentaries. Her documentaries are so interesting and they are still as relevant as ever.

I was absolutely devastated when I heard of her passing. I truly thought she had a good ten years left. Ten years where she’d witness more change than she could have ever predicted. Change she believed in and had faith in.

Agnes, I thank you for your remarkable brilliance and your humble passion for art and life. Everything you did, you did it with truth, depth, strength, and love. I always took from your work that you loved people. You loved the world and you want so dearly for it to be a better place where everyone is equal and we all rejoice in the magic that cinema brings to all of us. The film industry is SLOWLY but SURELY changing and I’m so very sorry you're not still here to witness it. To witness what you helped create. I know wherever you are, you’re happy and very active.

If there’s one thing I know about you, it’s that you love excitement. I am very confident that you are having lots of excitement right now. The thought of your smile when you're having fun brings such a smile to my face, I will start crying. Thank You so very much for everything you’ve done for the film industry and the world. Your love, kindness, passion, fire, and grit will always be remembered. Je vous remercie, Agnes Varda. Je vous remercie.

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