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A24 Tribute

Cinema has always given audiences something we’re told as children doesn’t exist: Magic. Filmmakers are magicians in their own way and the magic they present the world is often taken for granted. Film companies create the arenas where magic can happen.

In 2012, a new arena was established. The birth of production and distribution company, A24 truly gave independent cinema a special place to call home. Cinema has to be cradled, nurtured and taken care of, like a small child. It seems to me that everyone at A24 are excellent parents.

They believe that the magic of independent cinema applies to all genres. From comedy to drama to sci fi to horror, A24 embraces the most creative imaginations of the 21st century. I have no idea what I’d do without the magic that film provides me. I am forever grateful to A24 for coming into my life and the lives of others to present us all with intrigue, depth, admiration and love.

A24 is still a relatively new company. It was founded on August 20th 2012. That is A24’s birthday and it’s a birthday I intend to celebrate every year forever. Some of my favorite films come from the A24 family and they should all be so proud of what they have done.

Those films include: Room, The Witch, The Florida Project, Woodshock and Hereditary. A little love goes a long way and I sincerely feel the love, the passion and the drive that everyone must have felt when coming together to create A24. My sincere and eternal thanks to everyone involved in the company. You have all made your magic a part of history.

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