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A Star Is Born

"Applaudable and Massive"

Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut, A Star Is Born is based on the 1976,1954 and 1937 film of the same name. Yet, it’s completely surrounded by walls of originality. Jackson Maine, (Bradley Cooper) is a famous singer who is privately suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction. Ally (Lady Gaga) has pretty much given up on her dreams of becoming a singer as it’s no secret how harsh the music industry can be. The two met at a drag bar where Ally is performing. Within moments of hearing and seeing her, Jackson is captivated and from there a love story and soon enough, A Star Is Born. Jackson sees Ally in a way that she cannot see herself. He’s determined to give Ally the platform she deserves. With Jackson’s help, Ally’s talent soon catapults her high up into the industry and the two of them fall in love and become a couple. As Ally’s fame grows, so does the industries attempts at making Ally into something she’s not. When Jackson’s addiction overtakes him, the whole house of cards that hold them together start falling down.

The performances of Cooper and Gaga are so applaudable because they both stepped into foreign territory. Cooper has never directed nor took part in music before and Gaga has never acted in film before. They are fish in new waters and yet, they both act like they’ve been swimming in it their whole lives. You especially have to hand it to Cooper, as everyone knows Gaga can sing like an angel, but no one knew if Cooper could stand shoulder to shoulder with her. I can assure you, he has a powerful voice that reverberates. The writing, music and the acting of A Star Is Born are all one and the same and all explode into perfection in front of every audience.

Watching the chemistry between them is like watching one stretch on a soft mattress. There’s a certain comfort you feel in realizing that these are two people that are meant to be together which is such a corny thing to say but it’s absolutely true. Thank God these two found each other at a time when they were both running out of options whether they knew it or not. They get each other in a way that is only natural to them. When they are together, they only see each other. Cooper and Gaga's love story while tumultuous, are also calming, real, and enchanting. Sam Elliot’s performance as Jackson’s brother and manager is honest and emotional as the responsibility of trying to save his brother from his own self-destruction has taken a massive toll on him and Ally’s arrival has given him a form of freedom he never had before. Until her, no one knew Jackson better and now, he’s not alone anymore either.

The cinematography is perfection as Matthew Libatique sculpts it from his vision and makes a world of amazement. The close ups are very interesting although they are not always as vulnerable as you’d think, and you can still see what you’re supposed to in the characters.

A Star Is Born is one of those films that can’t fail because it is lovingly made by lovable people who understand the power and complexity of love. All you need to see it is a love of Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga and a whole box of tissues.

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